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Cockerham Salt Marsh Lamb
Bank End Farm
Lancashire LA2 0DY
01524 751414

How To Order Salt Marsh Lamb

Cockerham Salt Marsh Lamb is available to order in half lambs or full lambs for the freezer. Please see details of what is included on the Cuts Available page.

Half Lamb = £70 + Carriage
Full Lamb = £135 + Carriage

We reserve the right to alter the pack content of the Salt Marsh Lamb from time to time.

Contact: Stuart and Caroline Lawson
Telephone: 01524 751414

Or see the Markets page for a list of Farmers Markets where we sell our Salt Marsh Lamb.


You can collect your order from the farm or we can deliver directly to your home.
Delivery will be made by courier sevice and to ensure that you receive your Cockerham
Salt Marsh Lamb in excellent condition it will be packed in a cool box to maintain
freshness. Once you have placed your order we will contact you with a delivery date.
You should receive your delicious salt marsh lamb within 24 hours.

Cockerham Salt Marsh Lamb