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Salt Marsh Lamb and Beef Testimonials

Thanks for making us feel so welcome when we came to buy lamb and beef from Bank End Farm. It's so nice to buy direct from the producer and not from some anonymous supermarket.

We roasted a topside joint when we got home that afternoon and it was absolutely delicious. We have now had lamb chops, a shoulder joint and more beef - all of which tasted fantastic. All we have to do now is pace ourselves so that the rest doesn't get eaten too soon. Rest assured that
when it is gone we will return to buy more.

Is it possible for you to give me some advice now please? I made a hotpot on Sunday and included the kidney but now have the suet/fat that surrounded the kidney. I wondered how long it will keep for, bearing in mind that it had been frozen. I was going to use it as basting fat for another of the topside joints.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Jane Swift-Barrett

Many thanks for your email;in spite of the cool weather we  really enjoyed ourselves in your neck of the woods.We also enjoyed meeting you both and it is nice to exchange views with people who know their area.We hear much talk of your famous Lancashire Hotpot but had some difficulty in tracking it down but  a portion was tracked down at the hostelry in Lancaster near the castle. It was a pub that cellars but cannot remember its name.

By the way the lamb arrived in mid morning and l think we may be having some tonight!. The rest is heading for the freezer.

Thank you for efficient service which l am sure we will use again.

Kind regards to you both from Battle,
Jim and Olive Batt

I enjoyed my run out to Cockerham on Saturday; it's very pleasant to get into the countryside every now and then instead of motorways.

We had the leg of lamb for Sunday dinner. I roasted it for 6 hours at gas 2 and it just fell away from the bone - and the gravy!! With roasties, cabbage and cauliflower, it was excellent. And so sweet. I'll be making a hotpot with the shoulder chops, as you suggested. I can't wait to try the shoulder!!

Another convert to the cause. Many thanks.

Yours Aye,

Just a quick thank you, Lamb arrived as promised, and as with last year we had excellent service throughout.

Duncan & Tracy

Very, very good. Have sampled chops last night, and a leg is destined for this weekend.
Based on the chops I think you've got a repeat customer.


We bought some [beef brisket] at St Annes farmers market on Thursday and you said to let you know what we thought of it. Well we had it today and it was beautiful, tender and tasted delicious.

Thank you,

Just to say that I bought some of your Fillet & Sirloin Steak at Lytham Farmer's Market last week. I had the fillet steak on Saturday, cooked rare on the BBQ and it was fantastic, beautiful flavour.

I look forward to buying some more from you next month.

Keep up the good work.
All the best
Jay Whyatt

Hi there guys

I just wanted to let you know that we enjoyed our little adventure on Monday and are now extremely grateful at having found “Bank End Farm”, not just because we met you, but because you have the most amazing tasting lamb.

I promised to let you know what we thought... and “yummy” hardly covers it.

On Tuesday evening we tried the sirloin and completely enjoyed that. With a few onions & mushrooms, cauliflower cheese, new potatoes and a side salad it was yummy and I have no complaints. The lamb chops were on the menu this evening and I have to say it was wonderfully tender with a beautiful sweet flavour. You could taste it in the first mouthful. I have to say that I am a bit of a hog when it comes to meat, so although the chops were in packs of 4, I do believe I could have eaten them all myself, but share I must, so Dad got 2 and I got 2.

My father has just spent five minutes telling me... to tell you, that the lamb is terrific.... and apparently lamb is on the menu again this weekend, or so he tells me, so I guess I should get something out of the freezer.

Thank you for your hard work, though many may not say it, we do appreciate a hard working farmer and his clan.

God bless.

Julie & Dad (Eddie)

We bought some lamb from you at the market in Bolton on Sunday. Just had to let you know it was WONDERFUL! We were wondering, what is the best time for us to by a whole lamb from you?

Very best wishes,

Laurie Jeffery

Hi Stuart + Caroline

You asked me to drop by your web site and say good things about your beef.I'm happy to say your saltmarsh beef doesn't compete with Sainsbury's beef - it beats it completely out of sight for both quality and price.

Best wishes,

Steve Miller

Hi Stuart & Caroline,

Just been on your website. Its fab! I had a dinner party for 6 people and
served up two fillets of your salt marsh lamb. It went down a treat. It
was so tender we struggled to keep it on the bone. We will definately be
ordering it again. One of our guests is going to contact you very soon to
order a full lamb. Keep it up!

Mick & Allison Thornton

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