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    About Us

    A Century of Farming

    Our family has farmed at Bank End Farm for over a century. The farm is situated on the Lune Estuary at Cockerham where our sheep graze the salt marshes.

    Naturally Fed

    Our sheep are born and reared on our farm at Bank End where they graze the natural Salt Marshes so they are free from any artificial feed.

    Chemical and Drug Free

    The marshes have never been fertilised or ploughed and because of the high salt levels we do not have to use any drugs or antibiotics.

    A Delicacy

    Salt Marsh Lamb is recognised as a delicacy in Europe, especially in the Normandy Region of France where it is known as Pre Salé. It is now becoming increasingly popular here in England.

    Unique Sweet Tender Taste

    The subtle flavour, taste and texture of the meat derives from the diet of the lambs that graze the marshes which are regularly washed by the sea. The taste of the meat is far from tasting salty but is light and sweet.

    Local Food, British Farming

    We can deliver healthy, fresh food to your door, or you can visit us at the farm or buy from us at the local farmers markets.

    Cockerham Salt Marsh Lamb

    Meet The Farmers

    The team with years of farming experience that go into the management and production of Cockerham Salt Marsh Lamb.
    Stuart and Caroline Lawson, Salt Marsh Lamb

    Stuart & Caroline Lawson

    Bank End Farm, Cockerham

    Stuart and Caroline Lawson graze their lambs on the marshes at Cockerham where their family has farmed for over 100 years.

    How long has Salt Marsh Lamb been running and why did you set it up?

    We have been trading since 1999 and it was a friend that encouraged us to start selling it.

    What is the best part of living at Bank End Farm?

    Everything! Beautiful views, living in the countryside & by the sea.

    What are your favourite ways of eating Salt Marsh Lamb?

    Just as it comes you don’t need to add anything to the meat as the lamb has a unique sweet taste.

    What is important to you about the lamb/what makes it stand out from other producers?

    Our lambs graze on the Saltmarshes & their diet comprises of different seaweeds & samphire which grow on the marshes so they are naturally fed. This gives the meat a sweet taste & we do not have to use any drugs or antibiotics on the animals.

    Is Saltmarsh lamb good on a BBQ?

    Yes, it is great on a BBQ especially the chops, leg steaks & butterflied legs.

    What is the busiest time of the year?

    We are busy all year but especially between January to March when we are lambing.

    What do you do when you are not working?

    We enjoy cycling, walking & keeping fit.

    Tess - Salt Marsh Lamb


    Sheep Dog

    Tess helps Stuart and Caroline keep the lambs safe from the tides. She is very hard-working and learnt the job by watching her predecessor, Nip.

    How long have you been a sheep dog?

    7 years

    What’s your favourite part of the job? And which part don’t you like?

    I love riding on the quad bike but I don’t like swimming across the channel to bring the sheep back especially in the winter when it’s freezing cold!

    What do you like to do in your downtime?

    I love a good stroke & my tummy being tickled.

    Do you have any favourite/least favourite sheep?

    I like most of the sheep but I’m not as keen on the Rams!

    Who is your best friend?

    Chester the Jack Russell.